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Emergency Dental Care
Emergency Dental Care

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency or more urgent dental condition, our office will make every attempt to see you the same day or on our next day of business.  If your condition requires the services of a specialist, we can make arrangements with many experienced specialists who will also be able to see you in a timely manner.


Typical dental problems we see and frequently address include:

•Fractured or cracked teeth 
•Loose teeth and fillings
•Lost crowns or veneers 
•Gum swelling or discomfort
•Oral infections
•Worn or chipped teeth, crowns or veneers 
•Fractured dental appliances, retainers or bite splints and guards

Failure to address emergency or even minor urgent situations may often result in a worsening of the problem which would require more extensive and expensive services in the future.  As with all of the services we provide, we will first diagnose the exact nature of your dental conditions.  We will then present the most predictable treatment options that will work for you, your schedule and your budget. Finally, we will address your dental emergency or urgency with our utmost concern for your best interests and comfort.

Please contact us today so we can help you to minimize any further complications.