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Dental Implants by Carefree Village Dentistry

Dental implants have become a popular means of replacing natural teeth.  Basically, an implant is a cylinder made of titanium or zirconia that, when embedded in the jawbone, will resemble and closely function like the roots of natural teeth.  Implants can be used to replace individual or multiple missing teeth.  Dr. Dennis Doelle has been providing implant solutions, when indicated, for his patients for over 25 years.  Not all patients, due to their health or quality or quantity (amount) of their bone are good candidates for predictable implant success.  Dr. Doelle strongly believes that if a person is faced with the possibility of tooth loss, that a careful initial assessment of their unique circumstances be performed to determine if an implant solution, or some other dental prosthesis, would be the right approach to provide lasting success.

As with all services provided by Carefree Village Dentistry, a thorough analysis and plan is always done first.  In most cases, if possible, this occurs before the removal of any failing teeth to insure the treatment, as proposed, will provide a more predictable outcome.

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